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Puddings & Syrups

Product ID Description Size Price
PUD001 Ambrosia Creamed Rice from Devon 425g $6.95
PUD002 Ambrosia Devon Custard 425g $6.95
PUD004 Bird's Custard Powder Drum 300g $6.95
PUD005 Treacle Pudding $6.95
PUD006 Bird's Trifle Mix 141g $7.95
PUD007 Spotted Dick $5.95
PUD008 Hartley's Gooseberries (NOT IN STOCK) 300g $4.95
PUD009 Hartley's Rhubarb 540g $6.95
PUD010 Lyle's Black Treacle 454g $6.95
PUD011 Lyle's Golden Syrup 315m $6.95
PUD012 Auntys Chocolate Sponge 2pk $5.95
PUD013 Auntys Sticky Toffee 2pk $6.95
PUD014 Auntys Syrup Sponge 2pk $5.95